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Electrical Service – Lighting

Electrical service for LED exterior lighting: exterior signs and lamp posts

Enseignes Valois is an expert in LED lighting for exterior illuminated signs and lamp posts. We can convert fixtures from Metalarc and HPS to LED lighting, for a more economical and ecological performance.

Service électrique éclairage enseignes LED (DEL) – Enseignes Valois

Repair and maintenance of illuminated signs and lighting systems

Illuminated signs and letters, LED signs, monuments, pylons, etc. For the repair and maintenance of illuminated signs and lamp posts in the greater Montreal, call on Enseignes Valois. Illuminated signs have no secrets for our experienced technicians.

One of your illuminated sign’s letters is flickering or the lighting of your pylon sign doesn’t work anymore? Nothing to panic about! Enseignes Valois will come to your rescue and shed some light on the problem. The repair will be done in a snap!

Enseigne Valois will quickly dispatch a team of technicians to do the repair work on site, so you can save time and money. If a shop repair is needed, our interventions will be coordinated in order to offer the best service at a fair price.

Services électriques éclairage enseignes lumineuses – Enseignes Valois

Annual sign maintenance contracts

Enseignes Valois also offers annual maintenance contracts covering all the parts and labor needed for repair. By letting us periodically take care of your sign, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and save on possible repair costs at the same time.

Contact us for more information about our lighting electrical service, our experts will gladly answer your questions.